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Echoo Management Group is a Management Group Company in which Manages Artist, Producers and film Companies throughout the entire country in the Entertainment Industry. Echoo Management Group is a dedicated company with experience in fields of Artist Management, Film Management, Promotions, Marketing and Productions. Chief Executive Officer of one of fastest growing music management companies in the entire United States. Also a leader in management of music artist and top music producers in the country. Echoo Management Group/Echoo Global Productions provides services in artist development and artist/producer management. We are a firm which caters to all types of music genres. Echoo Management Group Artist and Producers in the music industry. Echoo Management Group has worked with some of the top artist and producers in the industry today. Here are few to name. (Bridgette Angelique, IdolaMaker, Chazz, Pretty Boy, Blue J, Urbano B and Famous Artist Productions). Also Bookings for Ying Yang Twins, Girlicious, Baby Bash, Frankie J, Paula De Anda, Lil Flip, Chalie Boy and Many more. Our Team has worked with some of the hottest artist in the Music Industry today. From the Talented Beyonce Knowels to Obbie Trice, Lil Wayne, Young Money, Lil Flip, Akon, Justin Bieber, Tiesto, Charlie Boy, New Boyz, T.I, Emenim, Usher, Chris Brown, D-12, LIL J Xavier, Kesia Cole, Piddie Pablo, Anita Baker, Ray Ray, Kat Williams, Mya, 50cent, Game, Mae Day, Bizarre, Tone Tone, Lock, Bobby Clearwater and many more.



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Music Artist Branding Marketing Presentation

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As an artist you are your own brand, whether or not you know it or acknowledge it. It is up to you to make sure your brand stands out from the rest. Branding has everything to do with PRESENTATION – HOW YOU ARE PRESENTED AND PERCEIVED BY THE PUBLIC – whether it be online or offline. It is essentially what you are known for as a whole and believe it or not, your longevity will depend on how strong your brand really is.


This is a type of industry where you must always be ready. Someone new can check you out at any given moment so you have to look your best at all times, all across the board. We live in a digital world, so how you present yourself in person is just as important as how you represent yourself online. A lot of the time, your music isn’t the first thing people are introduced to. You are first seen on social networks, blogs, websites, magazines etc. Think about it, when you hear about something new and want to learn more about it, the first thing you do is look it up! The last thing you want to do is portray a negative image of your brand. You want to make sure that at first glance, the image you put out represents YOU at your best.


Ask yourself:


If someone judges you by your cover, what do they see? What type of image do you put out? Does your image reflect how you want to be perceived by the public? Would you be a fan of YOU?


So what are we getting at here? In order to succeed with a career in music there are things that you really need to be aware of and put your all into in order for your brand to stand strong. To clear things up even more, I made a list with a few examples of things that affect your brand:


Things that affect your brand:


Your music and lyrics – Does the recording sound professional? Do your lyrics represent who you are and what you stand for? Does your music stand out or sound like everything else that people are getting tired of?


How you use social media to interact – Yes, the way you use social media has a direct reflection on your brand. When you spam that gives off a negative image because it immediately shows that you are an amateur. When you engage with people and properly promote your music and are actively building a loyal following, it gives off a positive image of your brand.


How ‘up to par’ your online presence is – Do you have a professional custom website? Are all of your social networking sites up to date? Do you have professional photos? What about custom backgrounds and graphic images? These are the main things that have to do with your appearance online. You have to make sure that your brand can be clearly seen throughout your online profiles.


Your stage presence – Do you really know how to interact with the crowd and keep them engaged? Do you attract fans when you perform or do you give them a reason not to see you perform again?


Your music videos – Are they good quality? Do they enhance your song or take away from it? Visuals are a must, however you need to make sure that they are making you look good and drive even more traffic to your music.


How you dress and appear in images – Does your image reflect who you really are as well as what you want to represent? This is not saying that you need to be flashy everywhere you go, however you do want to represent yourself in a good way and often those that are a little flashy and show their uniqueness get noticed more than someone who doesn’t pay any attention to their appearance.


Let me give you a scenario:


You are performing at an event, there is only one other artist on the line up aside from you.


Other artist: Put on a decent performance and once he got off the stage, he made sure to mingle with as many people in the room as possible. He had business cards in hand that included links to his website and all of his social networks.


You on the other hand, put on a pretty amazing performance and once you got off stage people were coming up to you asking for your info – but you don’t have a website to tell them to go to, or a mailing list for them to sign up to, and since you have neither one, you didn’t bother making business cards with that info on them. So you shook hands and tried to remember as many twitter names as possible.


So now tell me, who got the best response from their performance? Who left the show with more twitter followers, more Facebook likes, and more people subscribed to their mailing list? You guessed it, the other guy.


What you show to the public has a direct correlation to what you stand for in general. Think about it this way: when you first meet someone, or hear about them, what factors go into making your first impression of them? What things affect them in a positive and negative way? Think of your brand as the core of your personality and what you are known for. If a girl dresses half naked and goes to the club every weekend, you’re automatically going to label her in a negative way, this is the same way you are judged as an artist. From the things that you do to how you present yourself to what you stand for, all make up your BRAND. You brand yourself through your actions as well as your professionalism and appearance.


While there are other aspects that go into building a solid successful brand (mentioned in the bullet points above), there are a few KEY components that an artist MUST HAVE to look professional and attract the attention needed to succeed. These same components also separate the professionals from the amateurs:


Key Things That Make You Look Like the Professional Artist That You Are:


1. You need to be easy to find. You need your own custom domain that is the portal to everything YOU. Your website needs to include your bio, music, videos, tour dates, a place to buy your merchandise and of course, links to all of your social media sites. Nowadays you just can’t get around it. In order to be considered a professional you MUST have a website.


2. If you want to be taken seriously in this industry, having a professional bio is critical. A well written bio is the ultimate marketing tool. Your bio is your first chance to get people interested in your music, plus it’s an amazing way to book more shows and get publicized in online magazines and websites.


3. Your brand needs to be recognizable from all angles. Your online presence needs to be crisp, clean and memorable. Your social media presence must stand out! You can do this by having custom designs on all of your social media to match your personal website. Everything should have a similar feel to represent your brand.


4. You might want to use a symbol or tagline that people can use to relate directly to you. Not every artist needs a logo, not every artist has a catch phrase or ‘tagline,’ however those that do have one have more chances of being noticed because they can post it everywhere possible and fans will begin to relate that image or tagline to a certain artist.


So ask yourself:


Have you released music and performed at showcases in the past and spent hours upon hours promoting but still didn’t get the response you were looking for?


The answer to your problem is most likely BRANDING. If your brand is weak, you won’t stand out – which ultimately means that you’re forgettable. So now it’s time for you to analyze your brand and make the necessary changes that will surely make you stand out (in a good way) and start to get a great response from your promotional efforts.


If you do not understand how to take your brand to the next level or if you are looking for someone to write your bio, design your website etc, please do not hesitate to contact me







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“Echoo Music Video, Commercials and Campaign.”

“Echoo Music Video”
Music Video, Commercials and Campaign.
DJI-Innovations DJI Phantom 3 4K Quadcopter
Fully stabilized 4K, 12MP camera optimized for ground use Slow motion and audio recording
Tripod-free long exposures
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George Seals (Born June, 27th 1987) known by his stage name “PrettyBoyBeats” is an American record producer, executive producer, rapper and entrepreneur. He is a part of the new wave of top40 talent coming out of Nashville “Music City” Tennessee. He is the founder and current CEO of the production brand “PrettyBoyBeats”. PrettyBoy has worked with Platinum and Grammy Award winning engineer/mixer Jason Goldstien, Platinum and Gold producers the Drum Majorz, Platinum and Grammy nominated producers Willie Clark, Platinum, Gold and Grammy Winning producer Chocolate Perry, Platinum producer Mark Thompson, platinum producer Superpowers, Platinum and Grammy winning Producer “Bolo” Da Producer, MTV, NBC’s hit show “THE VOICE”, NFL Network, The Super Bowl and on the world famous “Music Row”. Early on, BMI recognized PrettyBoyBeats’ and assisted in the establishment of his publishing company George Seals Music (BMI). PrettyBoyBeats has recently went viral and and is Rapidly approaching the 1,000,000 fan milestone before ever releasing a solo project HYPERLINK “PrettyBoyBeats’ first solo studio album “Miami Nights” is slated for a Summer 2016 release and will prove to be an eclectic mix of top40 hits.

Chazz Traxx




Chazz p.k.a. “ChazzTraxx” Short Bio:

Former Arista Recs. UK/Logic Recs. US #5 Billboard Charted Recording Artist/Producer, owner of Epicenter Music and graduate of Sound Master Recording Institute (N. Hollywood, CA).  Chazz is known in the industry as one of today’s hottest multi-genre producers, specializing in Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Dance Music. Chazz is also known as a L.A. House Music legend and pioneer, releasing hundreds of hit tracks/songs under the name Chazz, DJ Chazz, Da Funk Shop, Da Werk Shop, Mission Control, and L.A. Rebels.  Chazz’s music has been played and respected in many clubs and on major radio stations worldwide.  He is also a L.A. Latin Hip-Hop pioneer and former member and producer of the hit rap group Hispanic MCs and has performed on countless stages along side many major recording artists.  Currently he is producing for many major label A&Rs and is managed by the Grammy-Winning management company HitClub Entertainment.

Most recently his new single “DJ Make The Party Jump” ChazzTraxx Ft. J Dash (“Wop”) & Paloma was featured on major scene TV Placements on the Emmy-Winning TV Show “Jane The Virgin”, MTV’s Finding Carter, and ABC’s hit TV Show “Castle”.  Amongst many major label A&Rs, Chazz has been deemed thee next upcoming superstar multi-genre producer.   This release is already garnering major attention amongst many in the music industry, and has the potential for further Billboard Chart success for Chazz!

You never know what Chazz will hit you with…but you can be sure it will be a smash!

Let That Boy Cook


Nicholas Harris aka Let That boy cook was born May 11, 1992 in Chicago IL. Growing up in Chicago Cooks family decided the rough streets of Chicago were no place to raise a family and decide to move to Arkansas when he was 8. Nick fell in love with music at church while on the church dance team. He began to make Krump beats for the church until he found out he could make money selling hip hop beats. At the age of 16 Let that boy Cook launched his first website under the producer name Mr 100. Living in North Little Rock Arkansas Nicholas and his cousin Marcus decided to team and they formed LouderSounds. They began to perform at indie beat battles where their brand began to grow. Producing songs for Fred the Godson. When Marcus decided to give up beats for a career in computer science Nick decided to completely rebrand himself. Spring 2013 Let That boy Cook hit the scene Launching a all new website and promo campaign.
Over a 2 year period Let That Boy Cook took his business to the next level earning the attention of Matt owner and operator of Legacy music Group in Dallas TX. Cook has had the opportunity to work with the likes of Dorrough , Rick Ross , Nino Brown & Etc .

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Echoo Global Productions





Over 30 years in the production audio industry with positions including
Production Manager (PM), Front of House Audio Engineer (FOH), Monitor Mix
Engineer (MME) (wedges and in ear), and Systems Engineer (SE).

Thorough understanding of the majority of consoles in use in the touring industry
today, including: Midas XL8 (Certified System & User Engineer), Midas Pro 6,
Yamaha PM 1D & 5D, Avid Venue D-show, Profile, SC48, DiGiCo SD7, SD8

All Analog Consoles: Midas XL-4, 250, 200, H3K, H2K, Yamaha 3500, 4k, 5k, etc.

Sound system boxes including: D&B, JBL, EV, Meyer, etc.

Prefer A1 but am open to and have experience doing backline. Comfortable in
both concert and corporpassport.

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